Q. Are the products sold by Vegan Beauty authentic? Where do you source your products from?

A. Yes.  All products sold by Vegan Beauty are authentic and genuine. Vegan Beauty sources all products directly from the respective company (within Australia or overseas) and authorised Australian distributors.


Q. Does Vegan Beauty offer a Makeup Artist Discount to working makeup artists?

A. Yes.  Please see our Makeup Artist Discount Policy for further information.


Q. I don’t know what colour or shade I want to buy in the cosmetics or nail lacquers. Do you send out samples?

A. Yes.  I’m happy to send you out samples for products I have Testers of. Please email me your samples request and I will check if I have Testers for them.

Cosmetics samples are sent out in a small jar, with a small amount of product (enough for 1 use). Nail lacquer samples are sent out on a “sample” nail that you can hold over your own nail to check the colour.

I am happy to send you 3 cosmetic samples and 3 nail polish samples each month (records will be kept). There will be a small fee involved of $6.95 (Australia Post charge for small parcel under 500g) to cover delivery (I will email invoice for payment via Bank Deposit as this is the easiest way to pay for such a small amount); alternatively you can request these samples when you place an order for other products on the website; in which case the $6.95 fee will be waived. You can leave a comment in the comment box regarding which samples you would like to try.


Q. Will I have an allergic reaction to products sold on Vegan Beauty?

A. Unfortunately I cannot answer that question for you as people may have sensitivities to different types of ingredients.  The best way to test for an allergic reaction is to do a patch test.  If you would prefer to trial a product before purchase; or to do a patch test before purchasing, please request a sample.  I have samples available for most products that aren’t in pressed form, pencil or require a wand for application.


Q. Does Vegan Beauty retail internationally?

A. Vegan Beauty retails within Australia and can also send most products to New Zealand customers.  New Zealand customers please read our Postage Policy for further information on this.  Items unable to be sent to New Zealand include: Flammable items e.g. nail polish & hairspray; bulky items e.g. makeup cases/trolleys &/or items that cannot be sold outside of Australia.

Please email if you wish to discuss making a purchase from Vegan Beauty and you reside in New Zealand.


Q. Does Vegan Beauty accept the Vegan Card?

A. Yes.  The discount is 10% storewide (excl. delivery).  You use the discount code provided to you when you received your Vegan Card (remembering it expires every year on June 30 & you need to renew it to receive the next year’s discount code).  Any other questions regarding your Vegan Card, please direct them towards Vegan Card


All ingredients and colours are plant/vegetable derived excluding Beeswax and Carmine.  Vegan Beauty DOES NOT stock the Youngblood products that contain Beeswax or Carmine.

If any product says “May Contain: Carmine”; please note the colours I sell DO NOT contain Carmine and this is stated on every product this “May Contain” statement affects.  I have checked with Youngblood to ensure the colours I sell are the non-Carmine colours; hence, I am unable to stock the whole colour range in some products e.g. lip glosses, lip sticks, blushes.


Q. Are Giovanni product vegan?

A. All Giovanni products are vegan except the Giovanni Lip Balm (contains beeswax) and the Magnetic shampoo, conditioner, power treatment, styling gel and styling wax; which contains lactoferrin.  These non-vegan Giovanni products are not sold by Vegan Beauty.

Q. Are Giovanni 2chic products vegan?

A. I have heard back from Giovanni and they confirmed that the 2chic range is definitely vegan.


Q. How are flammable products (hairspray, nail polish/lacquer and alcohol-based perfume) delivery charges calculated?

A. Flammable items (hairspray, nail polish/lacquer and alcohol-based perfume) must go by courier.

Couriers cannot deliver to PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers or any Australia Post ONLY destinations.

Delivery is calculated on the delivery postcode.

Each flammable parcel can contain 1 hairspray OR  a total of 5 flammable items composed of nail polish &/or alcohol-based perfume.  Any more than this per flammable parcel will increase the delivery charge e.g.

  • 2 hairspray will incur 2 delivery charges to delivery postcode,
  • 1 hairspray + 1 nail polish will incur 2 delivery charges to delivery postcode,
  •  6 nail polishes will incur 2 delivery charges to delivery postcode,
  • 11 nail polishes will incur 3 delivery charges to delivery postcode,
  • 1 hairspray, 2 nail polishes & 3 alcohol-based perfumes will incur 2 delivery charges to delivery postcode.


Flammable items are unable to be sent to New Zealand.