In 2012 I decided to “go” vegan. I’ve always loved animals, and I’ve always loved beauty products. I’ve worked in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist for 15 years. I love cosmetics, I love makeup application and I love teaching people how to create the look they want. Then, when I went vegan I noticed that sourcing vegan beauty products was not the easiest task to accomplish. I was crushed. I still wanted to be able to create whimsical, gorgeous, flawless looks as a vegan; wearing vegan makeup.

I asked myself – why isn’t there a one-stop vegan beauty product store where I can get an array of excellent beauty products all in one go?  I wanted beauty products that were cruelty free (no animal testing) as well as having no animal product or animal by-product ingredients.

Then I thought – why don’t I open up a one-stop vegan beauty product store? Hmmm, next dilemma – what would I call the store? Brainstorm! Make it easy on my customers so there is no second guessing what my store is about. Hence, Vegan Beauty was born.

In Vegan Beauty, you will find only the best of the best vegan beauty products, which I myself (an ex-makeup artist) would use. I have chosen some of the BEST brands in the beauty industry; utilised by makeup artists the world over. I have sourced all of the products myself. I have checked with companies to ensure the products I am selling are vegan.

My hope is that vegans and non-vegans alike will celebrate the brands on offer, here; at Vegan Beauty. I hope you enjoy the products as much as I do.

Yours in beauty,

Veronica Lee
Vegan Beauty



straight from happy customers mouths :)

“Customer service at Vegan Beauty is great. Veronica loves her products and is happy to answer questions about them. I had a problem with one of her courier companies, and she was quick to step in and help me resolve it. Best of all are the little extras that arrive with your product, making it even more exciting to open the box. I love the pretty, handmade cards and she’s been very generous with samples too!” J.S. March 2013
“I just wanted to say thank you.  Your service and products are just outstanding.  I have purchased items twice from Vegan Beauty and I must admit I am so impressed I am going to start purchasing all my make up needs from Vegan Beauty from now on.  Thanks again.” S.N. April 2013

“Hi Veronica, I just wanted to let you know that I have received my order and I wanted to say  thank you for your wonderful service, I will be ordering my favourite Lime Crime lipstick from you from now on.”  N.O. April 2013

“I received my parcel today, which was amazingly packaged to my delight! And I was delighted to get a sweet little handwritten card as well as some amazing samples!  So I just wanted to say thank you for a speedy and excellent service, as well as great competitive prices.”  R.H. April 2013

“Everything came so quickly, is packaged extremely well, and the cute card and freebie gifts were such nice touches. Thank you so much.  Absolutely amazing customer service too.”  A.T. April 2013

“Dear Veronica,  I just received my box of goodies from you! It is like a Christmas or a birthday for me! And your card! This is such a lovely and sweet touch! I love it! Thank you so much for delivering my products so fast.  Thank you for your excellent service and your caring attitude.” C.D. May 2013

 ”Thank-you Veronica! Your service is wonderful. It’s so super rare to receive great service.” L.M. September 2013

“Hello Veronica,  I just wanted to send a quick thank you note for the speedy delivery of my order and also for the lovely card you sent! I will definitely be ordering from Vegan Beauty again in the near future :) Thanks!”  E.C. October 2013

“I just received my order and wanted to just say thank you for your outstanding service, I’ve ordered off Vegan Beauty before and have been very pleased with the level of customer service you put into each order.”  M.N. October 2013

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m so happy with your service & attention to detail + it was absolutely delightful to be surprised by the personal touches you added to my first purchase <3 Thank you -I’ll definately be a repeat customer!” K.D. October 2013

“I received my order the other day with some Bdellium pink makeup brushes and Youngblood eyeliner, and I just want to say what a wonderful experience it was to receive my order. The presentation with the carefully wrapped items, the handwritten note with an adorable animal sticker on the envelope, everything was so personalized and made the experience so enjoyable. I have never had such great customer service from any store, online or in person. I look forward to purchasing from you again in future!”  K.W. March 2014

 ”Just received my order & beautiful Thank you card Veronica!  Will keep you in mind for my next order – amazing turn around and delivered with love!”  J.W.  May 2014.

”Just wanted to say thank you for the super fast delivery and beautiful presentation of my purchase! Very happy with it, and look forward to shopping with you again!”  J. L. May 2014