This is a tutorial on how to apply Lip Tars to get the longest wear with the best colour.

I’ve been applying my Lip Tars like this for years, because, this is how I’ve applied my lipstick since I was 15 years old.


1.  Exfoliate your lips regularly.  I exfoliate every 3rd night using the Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant.

2.  Moisturise lips regularly, and before going to bed.  I use Hurraw! Lip Balm.



1.  Apply a quality concealer over your lips & just outside your lip line.  I use the Adorn Conceraler.



2.  Apply a translucent powder over the conealer with a brush.  I use Alexami Setting Powder & Bdellium Green Bambu brush #940.










3.  If you’re using a lipliner, apply it now over your WHOLE lip area (don’t just outline your lips, fill them it with it too). 

4.  Squeeze a tiny bead of Lip Tar on the back of your hand or makeup tray.

5.  Dip a firm lip brush into the Lip Tar & coat the brush with it.  I use OCC #010 Lip Brush or Bdellium #542 Lip Brush.

6.  Apply Lip Tar to your lips.  Blot with a 2ply tissue.


7a.  Peel the 2ply tissue apart so it is now a 1ply tissue.






7b.  Place this 1ply tissue over your lip tarred lips, and using a powder brush (I use Bdellium #940) dust through the tissue with powder.








8.  Apply another small amout of Lip Tar with the Lip Brush so you have a smooth, satin finish.





Hey Presto!! You have beautifully opaque lips.  I’ve utilised this technique successfully for years now and have been able to get 8+ hours wear from my morning application of  Lip Tar.

This technique also works well with opaque lipsticks.

Happy Tarring!!

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