This blog post is all about 3 stunning brushes by Bdellium Tools.  I used the Green Bambu brushes for this blog, however, the Pink Bambu brushes do the same job.

What’s the difference between the Green Bambu & the Pink Bambu?  The Green Bambu larger brushes have shorter handles; whereas, the larger brushes of Pink Bambu have longer handles, & some are tapered to accommodate placement in brush rolls, belts &/or pouches.  The short handles accommodate the self-user who is apply make-up in front of a mirror and therefore needs shorter handles.  The Pink Bambu was created for the make-up professionals who need longer handles to control the brush when applying product to clients.

The brushes I used for my flawless foundation blog are:

#953 Duet Fibre Foundation - to apply my liquid foundation, and

#957 Precision Kabuki – to apply my loose powder, and

#959 Powder Blending – to buff the powder and foundation to achieve the flawless foundation look.

1.  These are the products I used to achieve the Flawless Foundation look.  The 3 Bdellium Tools Green Bambu brushes mentioned above, plus Youngblood Mineral Primer, Liquid Mineral Foundation “Sun Kissed” & Mineral Rice Setting Powder “Medium”.

















2.  Using 1 pump of the Youngblood Mineral Primer, dip the #953 Green Bambu Duet Fibre Foundation brush into it & apply evenly to face.  Then using 1 pump of the Youngblood Liquid Mineral Foundation, dip the #953 Green Bambu Duet Fibre Foundation brush into it & apply to the face using stippling actions.  (Stippling means using short strokes with the brush & foundation, to lightly dab at your face to create a seamless look and finish). 










3.  Once you have smoothly applied your foundation you can apply your powder to set your foundation.  Take the #957 Green Bambu Precision Kabuki brush & dip it into your loose or pressed powder.  Tap off the excess onto a tissue as you don’t want to put too much product onto one part of your face; you are after an even coverage to create your flawless foundation.

Using circular motions, literally grind the powder into your foundation.  This technique will adhere your powder to your foundation, and will allow your flawless foundation look to wear for longer.  Simply sweeping powder over foundation with soft, dainty strokes barely sets your base.  This technique will limit the time your base can wear for.










4.  Now that you have “ground” your powder into your foundation; take the #959 Green Bambu Powder Blending brush to finish the look.  Again, using circular motions, go over your powder to smooth out lines, creases or patches that you may have missed when applying your powder.  By using the #957 Powder Blending brush you will literally be buffing your face to finalise your Flawless Foundation look.










Remember – the more flawless your foundation or base is, the better it is for a polished, final look.  You can now apply your bronzer, blush, mascara, lip gloss etc….. knowing you have created the BEST possible base for your colour to work with.










Other products used by Youngblood include:  Riviera Radiance as a bronzer, Tangier Pressed Mineral Blush, Pink Diamond Pressed Eyeshadow, Midnight Sea Incredible Wear Gel Liner, Dark Brow Artiste, Malt Lip Liner & Marrakech Lipgloss.  Mascara is by Adorn Black Mineral Mascara.

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