Do you find your skin becomes more dry in cooler weather?  Why is this?  Our skin’s outer layer can become dry due to a few factors:

*  Cooler weather and lower humidity;

*  Higher wind speeds whipping around us; and

*  The use of heaters indoors.

All of these above factors play a helping hand in drying out our body’s largest organ.  Our skin.

How can I replenish my facial skin’s moisture levels?  You can do a few things:

1.  Change from a foaming cleanser to a crème cleanser.

2.  Change from an oil-free moisturiser to a more nourishing moisturiser.

But, what if you’ve already done that and you’re still suffering the horrid tightness or even flaking of dry skin?  Here’s my BIGGEST tip:

*  Add Simplicité’s Rosewood Face Oil to your skincare routine.
















Rosewood is an Essential Oil that is extracted from the Rosewood tree.  A majestic tree that can reach up to 40m in height.  Rosewood oil is said to be an rejuvenating oil, that is said to help replenish the skin.  It can be used by most skin types especially damaged &/or sensitive; however, should not be used by those prone to acne.

How do I use the Rosewood Face Oil?  You have 2 options:

1.  This is my preferred option.  Take some of your toning water (I use Simplicité Floral Spray 1), 4 pumps is ideal I find.  Add 1 pump of Rosewood Face Oil.

*  Now rub your hands together to emulsify the water & oil.

*  Take this emulsion & apply to your cleansed face & neck.

*  Follow this by applying your day or night moisturiser and eye cream.















2.  Scoop out some of your day or night moisturiser (just a little less than you would usually use) and add 1 pump of the Rosewood Face Oil.

  *  Now rub the moisturiser & Rosewood Face Oil together.

*  Apply to your face and neck, then follow with your eye cream.











Either of these application methods will work, however, I prefer the first method and this is the one I use day and night.  By applying the Rosewood Face Oil with the Floral Spray 1; then applying my day or night moisturiser I find my skin absorbs all of the products I’ve applied more readily.

I hope this helps you to combat your dry skin woes this Winter!!

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