Sometimes you just need to get out the door quickly, while still looking “put together”.  Here are some of the products I’m using to create my quick look (others to follow):

1 makeup used

1. Beautyblender + Adorn Hydrating Cream Mineral Foundation in Light-Medium

2. Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #957 Precision Cheek brush + Adorn SPF15 Powder Foundation in Medium

3.  Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #964 AP Blusher + Adorn Face & Body Mineral Bronzer in Summer

4.  Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #708 Bent Eyeliner brush + Youngblood Gel Liner in Eclipse

5.  Adorn Lashing Out Waterproof Mascara

6.  Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet.


To apply Hydrating Cream Foundation; wet the Beautyblender until it puffs up.

Squeeze it to remove excess water, then press between a clean towel to remove even more water.

Dab it into the foundation being used and stipple onto face (bounce the Beautyblender onto your face).  Apply more foundation to the Beautyblender as required, and until you create the foundation coverage you’re after.

2 foundation powder

Take the  #957 brush and tap some SPF15 Powder Foundation onto a tissue.

Swirl the brush in the powder and apply to face in circular motions.

TIP: Buffing the powder into the face provides a more flawless finish and also allows the foundation to last longer.

5 bronzer cheeks

Using the #964 brush & Bronzer; tap some Bronzer onto a tissue.

Swirls the #964 brush into the bronzer so you have a small amount loaded into the brush.

Use downward sweeping motions from temple to apple of cheeks to apply bronzer.  This is taking the place of blush.

6 eyeliner










Using the bottom of the handle of the #708 brush, scoop out a small amount of the Gel Liner.

Place it on the back of your hand; and using the bristles massage a little onto the back of you hand.  

TIP: This is warming the Gel Liner up so it applies more smoothly.

Working from the outside of the eye in; sweep you brush into the outer lash line (I find it easier to create the wing from outside in; rather then inside out).

Continue to apply liner along your eyeliner until you have your desired thickness of liner.

7 eyeliner 2

Using Bdellium Tools Green Bambu #733 Lash brush and Giovanni LA Hold Hair Spritz Hairspray I groom my lashes.

I spray 2 pumps of the hairspray onto the #733 Lash brush and dab very gently on a tissue to remove excess drops (I don’t want to get any in my eyes).

Taking the Lash brush I brush my eyebrows upwards.  I let them sit for a few seconds so the hairspray dries a bit.

I then take the Lash brush again and gently press my eyebrows down so they sit straight.

8 eyebrows

Taking an eyelash curler I curl my lashes & apply my Adorn Lashing Out Waterproof Mascara.

TIP:  Wiggle at the base of the lashes to load most product there and brush through the lashes.

If too much product is at the tips of the lashes, this will drag the lashes down and won’t give a “wide-eyed” appearance.

8 lashes mascara

Apply the Velvetine to clean, dry lips.  I like to apply 2 coats as I like a rich, red.

9 red lips

Done and ready to rush out the door!!

10 finished

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