This is my absolute FAVOURITE way to wear my Lip Tars now.  I’ve been utilising this way for about 2 months now and wanted to make sure it was as good as I thought it was before blogging about it.

I love this technique as it helps stop my Lip Tar from feathering, increases colour opacity and also how long it wears with great colour payoff.  My main criticism is that it can dry my lips out a bit; however, that is easily overcome by slathering out Hurraw! Lip Balm before I go to bed.

Here are the products I’m using for this technique:

1 products used

Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper or Blinc Eyeshadow Primer Phase One;

Adorn Hydrating Cream Foundation (I use Light-Medium);

OCC Lip Tar in Psycho; and

a selection of Bdellium Tools Green Bambu brushes – I have their 3 lips brushes here #540, #542 & #546 as well as their Bent Eyeliner Brush #708 as I find this is fantastic to apply Lip Tar to the curves of the mouth as it gives a fine line.







2aEyeshadowPrimers open







So what’s the difference between the Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper and the Blinc Eyeshadow Primer?  

Firstly, the Lime Crime one is in a tube that you squeeze out and it is also thinner and more fluid; and lighter in colour than the Blinc one.  The Blinc one is in a wand applicator and it is more viscous and has a bit more colour and opacity when applied to the lip or eye.  The Blinc is also 4g in size and the Lime Crime is 10g in size.


Now, let’s get tarred!!


1.  Start with clean, dry, exfoliated and moisturised lips.  The night before I exfoliate my lips gently in the shower with the Eco Tan Extreme Exfoliant; then after applying my skincare I apply my Hurraw! Lip Balm liberally (my fave flavour of the moment is Chocolate).

When it comes to doing this Lip Tar Technique I ensure my lips are clean and dry (no moisturiser on lips).






2.  Apply the chosen eyeshadow primer to lips with the chosen brush.  I have found I like the #540 brush the best for this part.  To stop the chance of Lip Tar feathering. go outside your lip line with the brush and the eyeshadow primer.










3.  Now to apply your foundation, press your lips together while applying your foundation and powder (if using powder).

TIP: I apply my foundation after the eyeshadow primer as I want the primer to create a highlight around my lips.  This gives the illusion of fuller lips.




4.  Place a small dot of Lip Tar on the back of your hand or on a mixing palette.  (If this is on yourself I would us the back of my hand; if you’re a makeup artist doing this on a client I would be using a mixing palette).  Coat your brush with the Lip Tar you’ve chosen.










5.  Apply the Lip Tar to your primed lips.  You can go outside of your lipline; as long as you have applied the eyeshadow primer further out than you’re applying your Lip Tar.

If you haven’t done this you run a greater risk of your Lip Tar feathering; as there is no eyeshadow primer on your lips or face to stop the Lip Tar from creeping into any fine lines you may have.






6.  Use a tissue to blot your first coat of Lip Tar.  We’re setting up a colour base here.










7.  This is what my lips look like after blotting down the first coat of Lip Tar.  Colour and outline is there, it’s just less shiny and not a *POP* of colour.  ’

You can stop here if you wish, I’m a fan of colour and big, bright lips so I’m going to reapply my Lip Tar.

To do this I’m not going to re-dip my lip brush/es though; I’m going to use whatever is left on my brush to add a touch more colour.






8.  Hey Presto!! I’m done with the Lip Tar.  Now time to apply the rest of my makeup ;)

Each time I’ve done this technique I haven’t had to touch up my Lip Tar or worry about feathering for at least 8 hours.

I like this technique over my initial technique as it requires less steps.



TIP:  If your Lip Tar is really runny and very liquid due to the Summer heat, I suggest popping it in the fridge for a few minutes.  In Brisbane I typically pop it in for 3 minutes.  I keep it in the fridge until it is similar to Winter viscosity; as I’ve found this gives the greatest colour payoff and is also much easier to apply.

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