This is a post directly from the Simplicité Skin Care website; reproduced with Robin Lyons’ permission.  I’m re-posting this word-for-word so no information gets lost in translation.

Why am I doing this?  Because Simplicité Skin Care is simply the best skincare I.  Have.  Ever.  Used.  And I want you to know why I’m so passionate about this line of gorgeous products and why I chose this skincare brand to be sold on Vegan Beauty.  I love it so much I’ve been using it for 6 years now; so obviously I’m a major addict!!


If you’re only just hearing about Simplicité Skin Care, let us introduce ourselves. We are an Australian-owned company that formulates, hand-makes and sells medicinal-quality, plant skin care products. Established way back in 1991, we are one of Australia’s premier and original organic brands.

The thing you’ll notice about Simplicité is that we do things differently to everyone else. We don’t use an ingredient because it’s the flavour of the month – we use it because it’s the very highest quality and we know that it will work.

We adhere to a strict philosophy when producing skin care products: give skin all the nutrients and vital antioxidants it needs and it will become the very best it can be.

We promise – and deliver – the very best results you’ve EVER had from skin care products.

The Simplicité Difference #1 – Proven Results

The main difference between Simplicité and other skin care products is that we make products that work. A lot of other products can bring about a temporary change or a sense of change, but don’t contribute to tissue regeneration at all.

Simplicité products:

  • increase firmness, elasticity and glow
  • reduce redness, rosacea and hyper-pigmentation, and
  • actually reverse sun damage and acne – and damage caused by acne.

You will see real and lasting results within weeks using Simplicité’s unique and affordable skin care range!

The Simplicité Difference #2 – A Grade Above ‘Organic’

It’s important to Simplicité that our herbs are grown either certified organically or are picked from the wild – that’s a ‘given’.

But because we are searching for medicinal-grade ingredients, in fact, just ‘organic’ or ‘certified organic’  isn’t good enough for us. All the herbs we use must be grown in conditions identical to where they would normally, naturally grow – the same daylight temperature, soil type, even altitude.

These growing conditions product the best quality herb which we call a grade above organic.

The Simplicité Difference #3 – Cruelty Free

We are constantly surprised at the amount of animal-cruelty that continues to this day in the skin care industry. It continues because big companies create chemicals in laboratories that need to be tested before they are allowed to be used on human skin.

This is an approach that Simplicité could never support.

All of our products are built from the ground up on naturally occurring plants and herbs – even our sunscreen. With the exception of a single product that uses a small amount of beeswax (Luxurious Mandarin Body Butter – not sold on Vegan Beauty), all of our products suit vegan and vegetarian principles and beliefs.

Just as importantly, our products give results. And that’s what everyone wants from their skin care products.

So take care of your skin the natural way. Try Simplicité and you’ll never use ‘normal’ skin care again.

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