I’ll admit it.  I’m a 35 year old woman and I still get a pimple every now and then.  It’s annoying.  When I was a teenager and knew no better I was taken to a Dermatologist and was prescribed strong, unbelievably strong medication face washes, peels and creams to combat my teenage acne.

Now as an adult and an ethical vegan I will not let stuff like this near my face!!  So I had to find a skincare that could work well; really well to help combat my pimple that I get either on my right cheek or on my right chin.

Thankfully I found the answer with Simplicité skincare.  In this blog post I’m going to let you in on my favourite pimple fighting secret – the  Simplicité Waratah & Beetroot Nutritive Plant Mask used in conjunction with the Sage Face Oil.  This luxurious mask is meant to “calm the appearance of redness from acne and other conditions”; it does this almost instantly.

The Sage Face Oils “Antibacterial action helps minimise the formation of blackheads and pimples” and, so the combination of the 2 products work synergistically together to help in the reduction of inflammation of pimples and also the longevity of the pimple.

1 Sage + Mask











I see a dramatic reduction in the redness of my pimple after removing this mask and I’ve found my pimple clears up quickly as well.  It’s win-win in my books!!  So how do you use this wonder mask?  Please, let me tell you……. and show you my offending pimple I’m talking about – it’s right there plain as day on my right cheek :(

2 Pimple before











Steps to using Sage Face Oil + Waratah & Beetroot Nutritive Plant Mask:

1.  Wash your face to remove excess sebum and dirt.  I use the Simplicité Plant Gel Cleanser (1 for Normal/Dry/Mature/Sun-Damaged skin or 2 for Oil/Combination/Breakout/Teenage skin); or you can use the addictive Sundew Cleansing Milk.

2.  Exfoliate your face to remove even more sebum and dirt.  I use the Simplicité One Step Exfoliating Cleanser or the Exfoliating Face Treatment.  I’ll do a blog post on the different exfoliators soon.  In general though One Step is the most popular Simplicité exfoliator as it’s so effective and with cinnamon as microfine exfoliating particles, it’s also gentle.  The Exfoliating Face Treatment is super gentle and uses powdery fine Adzuki Beans and feels soft, and as if I’m pampering myself when I use this one.

3.  Take 2 pumps of the Sage Face Oil and disperse onto your clean hands.

3 Sage x 2 pumps









4.  Smooth this onto your face.  You’re applying this as a base for your mask.  Don’t rub it in too much.

4 Sage on face










5.  Take a generous scoop of the Waratah & Beetroot Nutritive Plant Mask and start smoothing this onto your face.  I start at my forehead and work my way down my nose, around my orbital bone (eye sockets), onto my cheeks and then my chin.

5 Mask scoop











6.  This is what it looks like when I’ve just applied my mask.

6 Mask on











7.  Leave on for 30 minutes.  This is what it looks like after 30 minutes.

7 Mask after 20mins











8.  Now it’s time to rinse it off.  Because the Sage Face Oil is underneath the face mask, this actually helps in the removal of the mask.  I like to use my Kuu Konjac Pure sponge to assist in the removal of my face mask as it’s exceptionally gentle and soft (I keep my Kuu Konjac sponge in a soy sauce dish).

8 Kuu sponge








9.  Rehydrate your sponge and gently squeeze some water out of it.  You want a little bit of water held in the sponge to help you emulsify the oil and mask to assist in the removal.  Use circular motions to emulsify the oil and mask with the sponge.  Regularly rinse the sponge and repeat.  Keep doing this until your face is free of the oil and mask.

9 Mask off with sponge











Rinse out your sponge thoroughly and put it back to dry.

10.  This is what my pimple looks like straight after a Sage Face Oil + Waratah & Beetroot Nutritive Plant Mask facial – much less red and it cleared up within 2 days.

10 Pimple after











11.  Finish your facial by applying your other products.  Here is the order I apply my other skincare products to finish my facial:

a.  Floral Toning Spray #2 + Sage Face Oil – see thistutehow to use them together (doesn’t matter that the oil used is different; same technique applies),

b.  Firming Rehydration Eye Creme,

c.  Antibacterial Serum,

d. Oil Controlled Day Creme,

e. Results Lift Gel, and finally,

f. Rosemary Blemish Gel on my pimple.

11 skincare order after mask







Happy days!!  Doing a facial always makes me feel super special :)

Have fun xo


Before and after pimple photos (less red and starting to become smaller as well):

2 Pimple before 10 Pimple after











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