Today we’re going to look at nail stamping!!  And I have a very special offer for you at the end of this post from my FAVOURITE online nail stamping shop (also in Brisbane) Drama Queen Nails.

So many people have commented on how fun, elegant, effective and attractive my nails are when I stamp them; so I thought it about time that I show you how to do for yourself so you can give it a whirl…..

Before we start here is the #1 rule for nail staming – WORK QUICKLY!!

Rule #2 – prep your stamper by buffing very lightly with a buffing block to remove its shine.  Rinse with water and allow to dry before you start stamping.

1.  Paint your base colour.

I stamp over a gel polish as it’s easy to correct mistake if you smudge while stamping – you don’t need to repaint your while nail.  Just wipe off the stamped image and start again (your gel polish stays where it is).

1 Gel polish












Gelish “Cashmere Kind of Gal” – I use a wooden block to raise my hand up.


Get your gear together:

*  Stamping plate (I’m using Bundle Monster BM-303 from Drama Queen Nails)

*  Magno XL Stamper (from Drama Queen Nails)

*  An old gym card as I find this scrapes really cleanly – you could use an old credit card as well as they’re quite thin

*  A lint roller.

*  Your chosen nail polish [stamping polish] (I’m using A Warm Place by Color Club) in this instance.  Color Club polishes are quite good for stamping; especially the pale, opaque colours.  This darker one is slightly thinner, and was a tad more difficult to work with.

2 stamping plate

6 nail stamper










4 scraper


12 lint roller to clean stamper






3.  Paint your stamping polish onto your chosen design on the nail plate.

3 polish plate













4.  Quickly use your scraper (in my case my old gym card) to scrape the polish off the plate….

5 scrape plate



















5.  Until you have a design filled in with your stamping polish.

5a plate after polish scraped off

















6.  Get your stamper and press firmly onto your design.

7 image transfer



















7.  You’ll see the design on your stamper when you lift it off the plate.

8 image on stamper
















8.  Press this design firmly onto your nail to transfer the image.

9 stamp onto nails
















I use the lint roller to clean off my stamper and a wipe with nail polish remover to clean off my stamping plate.

11 clean stamper between each nail













10.  Repeat this process for all the nails you want to stamp.  This looks messy but it will look fabulous later on.

10 stamped nails











11.  Apply your top coat.  Make sure you only go over where the base colour is.  If you go over with top coat where your messy stamping is; you’re going to be stuck with the mess as you won’t be able to remove with nail polish remover once your nails are cured (if using gel polish).

13 apply top coat
















12.  Remove the messy stamping from around the outside of your nail with nail polish remover.  I use Zoya Remover.

14 remove outside polish




















13.  Done-skies!!  Neat, stamped nails.

15 nail stamping

























The one below is Gelish “The Dark Side” with Color Club “Take Me To Your Chateau” stamped over it.

The Dark Side






















Now for your awesome deal from Drama Queen Nails!!

Receive 10% discount from Friday 21 November – Friday 5 Dec 2014 at Drama Queen Nails when you enter code: ”VeganDQN” at checkout.  They have a massive range of stamping plates and stampers to get your newest addiction going!!

Not sure which stamper to buy?  Check out the Drama Queen Nails Blog to help you decide.  I chose the Magno XL Stamper as it’s super squishy for my very, very curved nails.  Why not follow Drama Queen Nails on Facebook for new nail ideas as well?

I hope you have heaps of fun with your stamping xoxo



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