Here at Vegan Beauty we sell 3 different Bamboo toothbrushes.

Firstly - what’s the deal with Bamboo toothbrushes??  Basically toothbrushes in Australia alone account for 1000 tonnes of landfill of plastic.  This is because Aussies use over 30 000 000 toothbrushes a year.  What this means is that a disposable product made of a photodegradable product that is clogging up the environment.  This is because plastic DOES NOT break down and when it does break down to something – it turns into toxic goop or plastic dust – fancy inhaling that??  It also means that we’re leaving a toxic wasteland for generations after us.

Therefore intelligent, engineering people thought of a way to be hygienic and environmentally friendly – hence the BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH!!!!

So here’s the low-down on the beautiful bamboo toothbrushes Vegan Beauty stocks………

All are environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.  The difference comes with the price point and the size of the brush themselves.  I’m going to show you the size difference to help you make an informed decision.

Top to bottom:

  • MiEco Medium toothbrush has a larger head than the Go Bamboo toothbrush.  It also has more bristle space than the GoBamboo brugh; and the bristles are about the same hardness as the Go Bamboo toothbrush.
  • The GoBamboo toothbrush has a larger head in that it is wider than the MiEco Soft toothbrush.  The GoBamboo bristles are of a medium hardness; plush the bristles are more compact.  This is a great toothbrush IMHO, but for reasons below I’m not allowed to use this anymore as per my Dentists’ orders.
  • The MiEco Soft toothbrush is my personal favourite as I’m a teeth scrubber and I am constantly being told off by my Dentist for wearing my enamel down and pushing my gums up :(  This is why I prefer the soft (beautifully soft yet amazing effective) bristles of the MiEco Soft toothbrush.  This brush also has more bristle space compared to the GoBamboo.  The slimmer bamboo head also fits comfortably into my mouth.

There is very little difference in the length of the brush handles and all felt easy to control.  Either way you go you’ll be buying a fantastic product.

Toothbrush heads














Toothbrush head (above) & body (below) comparison (in photo top to bottom – MiEco Medium, GoBamboo and MiEco Soft).

toothbrush lengths








I like to pair these with my favourite toothpaste – the Mega Mint by Desert Essences.  It’s refreshing and foamy (which I like).

mint toothpaste



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